Shipping information

All goods are delivered free of charge, and shipping cost is previously calculated when ordering and charged on the invoice.(excluded any eventual customs duties applied by customs in all countries outside the european economical community – see point 11)

When the goods are delivered the customer is liable for checking that all packages are undamaged and the total number is correct as specified on the shipping document before signing it for. In case of any discrepancy of quantity or in presence of damaged goods, this should be notified immediately in written on the shipping document. XTREME Srl should also be notified directly within 7 days by registered mail.

Shipping cost depends very much on geographical area where the goods are shipped. Our prices are the results of effective negotiations with UPS courier, therefore the prices applied are very much competitive at worldwide level. Obviously the total cost is effected by its volumetric weight, therefore the more is ordered and the less is the incidence of shipping cost on the total value of the order. Moreover, each month the fuel surcharge varies and therefore the cost of shipping the same order may vary from one month to another.

Customs duties

Payment of any eventual customs duties has to be settled directly by the customer when the parcel is delivered. This amount is calculated directly by customs according to the current law of the importing country.

XTREME Srl cannot possibly know in advance in which country customs duties are applied, or their relative amount. This information will be given directly by the courier when the goods reach their destination.

In case the customer refuses to pay for customs charges and therefore refuses the delivery of shipment, these customs charges and shipping cost to return the parcel to XTREME Srl. Will be deducted from the total amount of the order, and solely the difference will be refunded to the customer.